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Elegant Imagery with a click!

Click a button and watch as Photoshop goes through 20-40 steps for you.
In seconds you have a new stylish effect to show your clients.


Save Time & increase
your Profits

Save time with easy to use software.
Increase your profits using software created for you by professionals.


Easy to use

You do not need any special Photoshop skills to use the software.
Just install and click a button.
All the work has been done for you.

Giving you an edge.


Set yourself apart and above your competion.
The different sets of Photoshop ´actions´ and Lightroom/Photoshop presets give you many creative ways to go quickly.


Short Movie Tutorials


The short movies help you in several ways.
They show you creative techniques that can not be created using a Photoshop ´action´.

They also teach you important tools in Photoshop like masking, using different selection tools or how to create custom brushes.


Client Support


Supporting you and making sure you get the most out of your software is our priority.
When you call, we pick up the phone! Our contact numbers and emails are posted throughout our website.


What are the Differences for YOU?


You will see the difference between what our Photoshop ´actionsÁ sets create for you compared to other Photoshop plugins, or other Photoshop ´actions´. Each set of ´actions´ is developed for you to be distinctly different from each other. Each set will give you a great variety of effects by simply clicking a button. Some 'actions' give you several effects in one ´action´. You always have ways to tweak the effect after the ´action´ has finished.

Keeping you on the cutting edge with elegant imagery that you can create quickly is our priority.

Every set of ´actions´ is designed by a team of professional photographers and graphic designers. Every ´action´ is tested on a variety of photos to make certain that the effect is consistent. Each set of ´actions´ movies takes several weeks to develop. Get 5 of our actions for FREE.


HDR Photography


What is HDR?

HDR is when you take 3-5 or 7 photos at different exposure settings, and then merge them into a single image using specialty software.

What you get are beautiful photos with incredible detail, controlled lighting and accurate colour.

You cannot reproduce an HDR image manipulating a single JPG or RAW image in Photoshop.

We offer you a choice of a 2-day HDR hands-on workshop. Or an HDR webinar that you can take at your office or home.

Click here for examples of HDR imagery, and workshop schedule.


Lightroom/Photoshop CS3,4,5 Presets


Our 1-click Presets are very fast and editable!

The three sets of Presets were developed in Lightroom. The Presets were then converted so they also work in Photoshop CS3, 4, 5 and onwards.

FYI, if a Preset is developed on a RAW image, that same Preset applied to a JPG will look very different. That is why we separately developed RAW and JPG work flows for each set of Presets.

You receive identical RAW and JPG Preset work flows for both Lightroom and Photoshop with every set of Presets.

Please take a few moments to review the before and after images in each set of Presets. Get 5 of our presets for FREE!



Just one click and a couple of tweeks and my images are transformed in to a variety of different looks and feels. Priceless. - Chris Jepson chrisjepson.com

We wanted to get that extra edge that would set our studio apart from the rest. We purchased the Ultimate BW and Vivid Colors just for our wedding clients. We found out that they could be used for every single client that we have. - Reel Life Portraits reellife.me


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